Snyders & Thulden, Orpheus and the Animals

Majors and Minors

The department offers four majors:

Ancient Greek & Roman Studies:  With guidance from our staff and faculty advisors, students craft their own programs of study organized around the aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman world they find most compelling.

Greek and Latin: Students gain competence in both ancient Greek and Latin and have the opportunity to read literary, philosophical, and historiographical texts in their original form.

Greek, Latin:  Students choose one language and explore its textual tradition in depth.

We also offer three minors, information here.


Majors: The department will accept a grade of “P” to fulfill major requirements for all Classics/AGRS Majors (Civilizations/AGRS, Languages, Greek and Latin) for courses taken during Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Courses completed Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 with a “P” for the Classical Languages, Greek, or Latin major prerequisites will be accepted as meeting the prerequisite requirement.

Minors: Courses completed Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 with a grade of “P” will be accepted for each of the Classics/AGRS minor requirements.

Honors: Honors thesis students can take Classics, Greek or Latin H195A and H195B courses for either a Letter or P/NP grade. In order to receive honors a letter grade must be recorded by the supervising faculty member. (The grade can be noted in CalCentral grading.)

Other considerations when taking courses P/NP

•How does this affect my P/NP requirement in my APR?  Please see the L&S page FAQ 1/3 P/NP Limit and GPA.  L&S students will not be placed on academic probation automatically for taking all of their courses P/NP during Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 but please take into account the P/NP Limit and potential impact on GPA.

•Can I retake a class later for a letter grade and have that letter grade replace my Pass?  No. 

•How might taking courses P/NP affect my graduate school applications? 

From Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: Policy Modifications and FAQ 

Schools: While many professional and graduate schools adjusted their standards for Spring 2020 to be more lenient towards P/NP grades in response to COVID-19, it is unclear how taking a large number of P/NP grades over Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 will be viewed by admissions committees for these programs.  Standards for admission may differ across programs. Please consult with admissions offices for the programs you are considering. You may also check in with the Career Center to see if they have guidance. 

Other: If you are applying to a competitive program, you will need to contact that program for more information on how PNP grades are considered. 

The UCB Department of Classics will accept P/NP grades from applicants to our graduate programs, but students should explain how their decision to select P/NP was impacted by COVID-19 in their application essays.  

More information from L&S: L&S Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: Policy Modifications and FAQ page and email sent to students LINK on Nov. 5, 2020.