Graduate Students

Joshua Benjamins

Ph.D. Candidate
Tu 10-11, and by appointment, via Zoom

Later Roman Empire, historiography, Augustine, Christianity in the Roman Empire

Aaron Brown

PhD Candidate in Classical Archaeology
Dwinelle 359A (Floor F)
Office Hours (Spring 2022): Tuesday 1:00-3:00 PM (in-person) & by appointment via Zoom

Research Interests: Classical art and archaeology; Roman and Etruscan/Italic material culture; Pompeian studies; foodways and the archaeology of consumption; household archaeology; social boundary formation and transculturation; visual culture; urbanism.

Sophie Cushman (she/her)

PhD Candidate

Aegean prehistory; mortuary archaeology; identity, ethnicity, and material culture; state formation and social structure; administration; writing and literacy; cultural heritage
(Summer 2022) MTWThF 2:30-3:45
Dwinelle 359A
Office Hours: T 3-5 and by appointment, via Zoom

Roman household archaeology; the production and use of crafts and textiles in the ancient world; 3D reconstruction and digital humanities projects.

Maribelisa Gillespie (she/her)

Ph.D. Candidate in Classical Archaeology

Aegean prehistory; trade and communication in the ancient Mediterranean basin; technology and innovation in prehistory; prehistoric writing systems; Greek archaeology and religion; digital humanities; public outreach.
Office Hours: Th. 3-4:30, and by appointment via Zoom

Justin Hudak

Ph.D. Candidate

Latin poetry and its reception
Dwinelle 7227
Wednesdays 2-3pm (In-person), Thursdays 10-11am (via Zoom)

early Roman poetry, fragmentation and literary fragments, Greek and Roman New Comedy, reception, intertextuality, language pedagogy, online teaching methodology.
M W 2-3PM or by appt.

Greek literature and philosophy; history of classical scholarship
TuF 11 AM - noon. Make an appointment here:

Augustan elegy; critical theory, especially queer and feminist theory
Dwinelle 359A or on Zoom
Thursday 1-3pm please book ahead on

Interdisciplinary approaches utilizing material culture and literature; Enslaved people and Identity; Labor; Social History
Dwinelle 7224
Wednesday, 1-2; Thursday, 11-12
Mondays, 2-3pm, Thursdays 3-4pm PST, and by appointment (via Zoom)
Dwinelle 7223 / Zoom (link provided upon request)
(Spring 2022) Friday 10am-12pm

conventions of lyric poetry; spatiality and temporality in Latin literature; untimeliness; the somatic experience of reading

I'm a PhD candidate interested in representations of animals in antiquity, especially in fables. I'm also enrolled in the Indigenous Language Revitalization Designated Emphasis. My dissertation looks at animal fables in Greek literature, using Ojibwe traditional stories (dibaajimowinan) and the work of Indigenous scholars to provide alternate perspectives to tricksters, myth, and human-animal relationships in the Greek fables.
Thurs 11-1 or by appt - sign up at

Archaic Greek poetry; gender and sexuality; disability studies; self-alienation and dissociation
7226 Dwinelle (Fall 2021)
Mondays 11-12, or by appointment via Zoom

Ptolemaic Egypt and the Red Sea; Elephants and elephant culture in the ancient Mediterranean; Hellenistic economies, especially financial systems and long-distance trade; ancient slavery and labor history.

Epigraphy, papyrology, and numismatics.
Tu 10 am-12 pm (sign up by M 10 pm)
Office Hours: Friday 10.00-11.00, 16.00-17.00, or by appointment

David Youd

Ph.D. Candidate

Critical theory, queer theory, psychoanalysis; Latin literature, New Comedy, Apuleius and the Ancient Novel