Graduate Students

Ancient performances via literary and epigraphical sources

Ancient legal history; migration, citizenship and identity; cosmopolitanism; political philosophy; Plato, Xenophon and Cyrenaics.
7227 Dwinelle Hall
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literary form, metapoetics, psychoanalysis, critical theory
7224 Dwinelle Hall
Th, 10-12 [in person or via Zoom]

Sophie Cushman (she/her)

PhD Candidate

Aegean prehistory; Late Bronze Age; mortuary archaeology; identity, ethnicity, and material culture; state formation and social structure; administration; writing and literacy; cultural heritage

Greek language and literature, especially archaic poetry and Herodotus; phenomenology and ritualization; psychoanalysis.
Dwinelle 7224
Office Hours: T 11am-1pm and by appointment, via Zoom

Roman household archaeology; the production and use of crafts and textiles in the ancient world; 3D reconstruction and digital humanities projects.

Maribelisa Gillespie (she/her)

Ph.D. Candidate in Classical Archaeology
7223 Dwinelle Hall
Fall 2023 Office Hours: TH 3:00 - 4:00pm, F 11:00am - 12:00pm, & by appointment

Aegean prehistory; trade and communication in the ancient Mediterranean basin; technology and innovation in prehistory; prehistoric writing systems; Greek archaeology and religion; digital humanities; public outreach.
7210 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: Th. 3-4:30, and by appointment via Zoom

Justin Hudak

Ph.D. Candidate

Latin poetry and its reception
Dwinelle 7227
Monday, 3:00 - 4:00 PM, Thursday: 10:00 - 11:00 AM, or by appointment.

Bioarchaeology; Aegean prehistory; mortuary archaeology; identity and embodiment
2104 Dwinelle Hall
Monday 3-4 and by appointment

Interdisciplinary approaches utilizing material culture and literature; Enslaved people and Identity; Labor; Social History
7227 Dwinelle
Monday 2-3, Wednesday 2-3

Cecily Manson


Emily Mullin

PhD Candidate

conventions of lyric poetry; Augustan literature; narratology; speech representation
7222 Dwinelle Hall
Monday, 3-5 PM + by appointment

Greek and Roman tragedy; race, gender, and sexuality in drama and epic; ancient performance; choral bodies; materiality

Early Iron Age Greek Archaeology, Greek Colonization, Mobility, Trade, Pottery Studies, AutoCAD/GIS and Spatial Analysis
7226 Dwinelle (Fall 2023)
Monday/Thursday 12-1, or by appointment via Zoom

Ptolemaic Egypt and the Red Sea; Elephants and elephant culture in the ancient Mediterranean; Hellenistic economies, especially financial systems and long-distance trade; Ancient slavery and labor history. Recently, Paleoclimatology and impact of climate on ancient societies.

Epigraphy, papyrology, and numismatics.

Literary Eco-Criticism; Hellenistic Poetry; Post-Humanist Philosophy; Critical University Studies; History of Classics; Lucian

David Youd

Ph.D. Candidate
Dwinelle 7222
M 11-12, F 12-1.

Latin literature, Greek and Roman drama, Apuleius and the Ancient Novel

Critical theory (psychoanalysis, Frankfurt School, deconstruction, queer theory)