Commencement 2018



The Ancient Greek & Roman Studies B.A. opens all kinds of doors for our undergraduate majors.  Recent alums (2009-) include a preschool teacher, a civil engineer, a manager at Gilt, an investment associate at a hedge fund, a high school librarian, a Ph.D. candidate in Ancient History, a senior research analyst at the Nielson Company, a Masters student of Public Health (currently interning at the Center for Disease Control), a curatorial assistant at a major collection, and a manager of administration for an NHL team.

Alumni/ae of the Classics graduate programs at UC Berkeley have many options after receiving their Ph.D.s. The following list is not comprehensive. If you have corrections or additions, please let the department know.

Recent PhDs

Joshua Benjamins (2022) — Visiting Assistant Professor, Hillsdale College

Aaron Brown (2022) — Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Norbert College

David Crane Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University

Sasha-Mae Eccleston (2014)Assistant Professor, Brown University

Daniel Esses

Seth Estrin Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Lynn Gallogly (2019)

Marissa Henry (2022) — Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Jared Hudson — Associate Professor, Harvard University

Morgan E. Hunter

Christopher Jelen (2023)

Dylan Kenny (2023) — Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Morgan King (2019) — Visiting Assistant Professor, Williams College

Athena Kirk Associate Professor, Cornell University

Erin Lam (2022) — Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Santa Barbara

Rachel Lesser (2015)Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College

Virginia Lewis (2014) — Associate Professor, Florida State University

Mark McClay (2018) — Assistant Professor, Hillsdale College

Kevin Moch (2019) — Web Infrastructure Engineer at Quizlet

Sarah Olsen (2016)Associate Professor, Williams College

Esther Ramer (2021) — Accommodations Coordinator, Cal Housing Assignments, UC Berkeley

Dan Squire (2022)

Joel Street (2015) — Latin Teacher, Department of World Languages, Bentley School

Kelsey Turbeville (2019) — User Experience Writer at UserTesting

Christopher Waldo (2019) — Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Andrew Wein (2022) — Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Naomi Weiss (2014) — Professor, Harvard University

Elizabeth Wueste (2016)Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Classics, American University of Rome

Michael Zellmann-Rohrer (2016) — Postdoctoral Researcher, Freie Universität Berlin


Other Notable Alumni

Sara Abdel-Rappe Prof., U. of Michigan

Benjamin Acosta-Hughes Prof., Ohio State University

James Andrews Assoc. Prof., Ohio University

Nathan Arrington Assoc. Prof., Princeton University

James Astorga Marlborough School, Los Angeles

Hayden Ausland Prof., U. Montana

Yelena Baraz Prof., Princeton University

Shadi Bartsch Prof., U. of Chicago

William Batstone Prof., Ohio State U.

Elizabeth Baughan Associate Professor, University of Richmond, Virginia

Stephen Beall Assoc. Prof., Marquette U.

Ruby Blondell Prof., U. Washington

Joan Burton Director of the Federal Semester Program and the Director of the Individual Studies Program, U. Maryland

David Chamberlain Instructor, U. of Oregon

Thomas Chance Lecturer, UC Davis

Rali Christo Lecturer, St. Mary's College (Moraga)

James Clauss Prof., U. Washington

Randall Colaizzi Lecturer, MIT and U Mass Boston

Erwin Cook Prof., Trinity Univ. San Antonio

Anthony Corbeill Prof., U. of Virginia

Joshua Davies Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Edan Dekel – Chair and Professor of Classics, Chair of Jewish Studies, Williams College

Carolyn Dewald Prof., Bard College

Elizabeth Ditmars Recently retired, The Bentley School, Berkeley

Curtis Dozier (2008) — Assistant Professor, Vassar College

Stephen Epstein Assoc. Prof., Director of the Asian Studies Institute, Victoria University, New Zealand

Andrew Feldherr Prof., Princeton University

Margaret Foster Assoc. Prof., University of Michigan

Helena Fracchia Prof., U. of Alberta

Catherine R. Fries Professor emerita, Millsaps College

Catherine Gilhuly Prof., Wellesley College

Maud Gleason Lecturer, Stanford U.

Barbara Goff Prof., U. of Reading

David Goldstein (2010) — Professor of Linguistics, UCLA

Erik Gunderson Prof., U. of Toronto

Robert Gurval Prof. of Classics, UCLA

Karalee Strieby Harding Designer, Ravelry

David Jacobson (2004) — Latin Teacher, Convent & Stuart Hall, Schools of the Sacred Heart

Mary Jaeger Prof., U. of Oregon

Nicholas F. Jones Prof., U. Pittsburgh

Deborah Kamen Assoc. Prof., University of Washington

Andrew A. Kelly Fellow, University of Melbourne

James Ker Assoc. Prof., U. of Pennsylvania

Darcy Krasne (2011) — Lecturer, Columbia University

Kurt Lampe Lecturer, University of Bristol (UK)

Mark Landon Vis. Asst. Prof., Mount Holyoke College

Kenneth S. Lapatin Curator of Antiquities, J. Paul Getty Museum

Floyd L. Moreland - Professor emeritus, CUNY Graduate Center

Kathryn Morgan Prof., UCLA

Melissa Mueller Prof., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Trevor Murphy Assoc. Prof., UC Berkeley

Andrea Nightingale Prof., Stanford

Nandini Pandey (2011) — Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Jed Parsons Engineer (International Team), Square

Miriam Pelikan Assoc. Prof., Hanover College

Matthew Pincus Attorney, Debevoise & Plimpton

Jonathan Pratt

Chris Ratté Prof., U. of Michigan

Jonathan Ready Prof., U. of Michigan

Lauri Reitzammer (2006)Associate Professor, University of Colorado

Gretchen Reydams-Schils Prof., Notre Dame University

Andrew Riggsby Prof., U. of Texas at Austin

Bradley Ritter Associate Professor of Classics and History, Ave Maria University, Florida

Walter Roberts (2006)Founder and Director, Detroit Greek and Latin Educational Foundation

Barbara Saylor Rodgers Prof., U of Vermont

Felipe Rojas Silva (2010) — Associate Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Egyptology and Assyriology, Brown University

Matthew Roller Prof., Johns Hopkins University

John Rundin Lecturer, UC Davis

Sonia Sabnis Assoc. Prof., Reed College

Dylan Sailor Prof., UC Berkeley

David Schenker Assoc. Prof., U. of Missouri

Enrica Sciarrino Senior Lecturer, U. of Canterbury, New Zealand

Will Shearin (2007) — Associate Professor, University of Miami

William Short (2007) — Lecturer, University of Exeter

Allan Silverman Prof., Ohio State U.

Christopher Simon Director, HR Compliance, Office of the President, University of California

Neel Smith Assoc. Prof., Holy Cross

Deborah Steiner Prof., Columbia U.

Sarah Stroup Prof., U. of Washington

Elizabeth Sutherland Assoc. Prof., U. of Tennessee

Yasmin Syed Lecturer, UC Berkeley

Antonia Syson Associate Professor, Purdue University; died 2018

Håkan Tell Assoc. Prof., Dartmouth College

Garth Tissol Prof., Emory

Han Tran Lecturer, University of Miami

Gretchen Umholtz Lecturer, UMass Boston

Pamela Vaughn Prof. Emerita, SFSU

Tarik Wareh

Stephen White Prof., UT Austin

Malcolm Wilson Assoc. Prof., U. of Oregon

Victoria Wohl Prof., U. of Toronto

Kenneth Wolfe Assoc. Prof., St. John's College (New Mexico)

Costas Yialoucas Cyprus Ministry of Education