Studying the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds at Berkeley

The department teaches and studies the languages, cultures, histories, philosophies, literatures, art, and material culture of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It is home to exciting and welcoming undergraduate major programs and maintains a rich and varied schedule of undergraduate courses, including a full curriculum of ancient Greek and Latin language instruction. Its PhD programs in Classics and Classical Archaeology are enriched every year by the arrival of new future leaders in the study of the ancient world, and for generations their graduates have gone on to renew or remake their fields. Itself a teeming center of intellectual vitality on campus, the department is affiliated with internationally important research units directed by its faculty, including the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, the Sara B. Aleshire Center for Greek Epigraphy, and the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. The department organizes many events of interest and hosts many visits, most notably the storied annual Jane K. Sather Professorship of Classical Literature.

Featured Courses

Fall 2023
Madolyn Hyytiainen-Jacobson

Fall 2023
Shelton, Kim

An introduction to the ancient civilizations of the Bronze Age (3000-1100 BCE) Aegean: Crete, the Cyclades, Mainland Greece, and Western Anatolia. The still enigmatic remains of palaces, burials, paintings, and precious objects are explored in terms of their cultural contexts. 


Congratulations to Andrew Wein (PhD 2022), who has secured a tenure-track position in Classics at the University of Pittsburgh starting in Fall 2025.

The Department is pleased to announce that Chiayi (Sherry) Lee will be joining the faculty as Assistant Professor of Greek and Roman Studies. Lee is an expert on the literature and culture of the ancient Greek world, and her Princeton dissertation studies the construction and operation of authorship in epigram and scholarship of the Hellenistic period. We look forward to her arrival on campus in Fall semester 2025.

Congratulations to PhD candidates Belisi Gillespie (Classical Archaeology) and Claire Healy (Classics), who have been named winners of 2024 Outstanding Graduate Instructor Awards! This is a campus-wide award program that recognizes outstanding graduate student teaching at Berkeley.


There are no events scheduled at this time.

Nemea 100: From Blegen to Berkeley and Beyond

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