Studying the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds at Berkeley

The department teaches and studies the languages, cultures, histories, philosophies, literatures, art, and material culture of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It is home to exciting and welcoming undergraduate major programs and maintains a rich and varied schedule of undergraduate courses, including a full curriculum of ancient Greek and Latin language instruction. Its PhD programs in Classics and Classical Archaeology are enriched every year by the arrival of new future leaders in the study of the ancient world, and for generations their graduates have gone on to renew or remake their fields. Itself a teeming center of intellectual vitality on campus, the department is affiliated with internationally important research units directed by its faculty, including the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, the Sara B. Aleshire Center for Greek Epigraphy, and the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. The department organizes many events of interest and hosts many visits, most notably the storied annual Jane K. Sather Professorship of Classical Literature.

Featured Courses

Spring 2023
Christopher Hallett

An introduction to the ancient Romans' history, literature, and society.


Kim Shelton's book, Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 14: Tsountas House Area, was published in late spring 2022. This book at long last publishes results of 19th- and mid-20th-century excavations in the Cult Center of Late Bronze Age Mycenae.

Tony Long's latest book, Plotinus, Ennead II.4 On Matter, has just been published by Parmenides Publishing. His recent books on Seneca and Epictetus have also just come out in Korean, Japanese, and Arabic translations. Congratulations, Tony!



The first in the Sather lecture series of Prof. Greg Woolf, “The Rhythms of Rome: Seasonality and Society in the Early Empire”


The second lecture in Greg Woolf's Fall 2022 Sather Lecture Series.

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Porter is joined by Mark Griffith and Mariò Telò for a discussion of his 2021 volume Homer: The Very Idea. Please check the Townsend Center website close to the time of the event for online viewing information.


The third lecture in Greg Woolf's Fall 2022 Sather Lecture Series.

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A lecture by Caroline Humfress, exploring the myriad different ways in which rules were made explicit in Late Antique Christian communities.

Fall 2022 Sather Lectures

Fall 2022 Sather Lectures Posters