Ara Pacis frieze


NOTE:  The requirements below apply to students declaring the major as of fall 2020.  Students who declared before then can choose between these and the former requirements (available here).

Prerequisite:  successful completion of one UC Berkeley Latin course


  • Elementary Sequence (Latin 1 + 2 or Latin 15) [8 or 10 units; may be partly or completely waived via placement exam]
  • Latin 100 + either Latin 101 or Latin 102; students who place out of Latin 100 must substitute another upper-division Latin class [8 units]
  • Four additional courses from the departmental offerings of Latin 101-160 [16 units]
  • Two of the following: AGRS 10A or 17A; AGRS 10B or 17B; AGRS R44.  Preferred options are 10A, 10B, R44 [8 units]
  • One upper-division AGRS course [= 4 units]