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David Youd

Ph.D. Candidate
Dwinelle 7222
M 11-12, F 12-1.

Research Areas

Latin literature, Greek and Roman drama, Apuleius and the Ancient Novel

Critical theory (psychoanalysis, Frankfurt School, deconstruction, queer theory)


I am a PhD candidate in classics and critical theory. Broadly speaking, my work treats the tensions between norm and anomaly, aesthetic form and content. I have published articles and essays on Homer, Euripides, Plautus, Terence, and Apuleius, where I draw on psychoanalysis, queer theory, and the Frankfurt school of critical theory to locate moments of dissonance between the ostensible signification of texts and the force of their aesthetic architecture. My dissertation, "The Queer Art of Terence," offers a rereading of Terence’s plays through the lens of psychoanalysis and queer theory.