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Classical Antiquity

The Department has provided the administrative home and head of the editorial board for Classical Antiquity since 1982.

Published twice a year (April and October) by the University of California Press, the journal began its life in 1968 as the annual (hard-cover) California Studies in Classical Antiquity. Since switching in 1982 to a bi-annual, soft-cover format—and a shorter, less parochial name—it has established itself as one of the most distinguished and progressive scholarly journals in the field.

The object of Classical Antiquity is to publish significant research on topics from the entire spectrum of ancient Greek and Roman cultures in the context of the ancient Mediterranean. No particular area or methodology is preferred. In general, the editors look for articles that combine detail with a broad vision of the subject. We discourage narrowly technical work and papers that in the judgment of the editors are too brief, normally defined as 20 manuscript pages or less. The journal does not consider reviews but welcomes critical appraisals of current work on major authors or topics. Overall, our journal has earned a high reputation for critical open-mindedness and attention to the larger picture, without sacrificing concern for scholarly rigor and control of technical detail. We also have been successful in maintaining a nice balance between articles by well-established experts and by younger scholars. All submissions are "blind" and are refereed anonymously.

The Editors of CA are drawn from departments of Classics, History, and Art History up and down the West Coast and Arizona. The central office is maintained at UC Berkeley, and the Chief Editor has always been a member of the UCB Classics Department.