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List of Affiliated Faculty and Researchers

Various faculty on the UC Berkeley campus based outside the Department of Classics have interests and expertise that make them relevant to students in the Program for course work, dissertation committee membership, informal consultation, etc. As of Academic Year 2019-2020 these include the following:

Archaeological Research Facility

Sarah Kansa (ARF Program Associate): zooarchaeology, Open Context/on-line presentation of archaeological data, Etruscan foodways.

Department of Anthropology

Sabrina Agarwal (Professor): bioarchaeology, analysis of human remains from Mediterranean archaeological sites.

Christine Hastorf (Professor): foodways, archaeobotany, archaeobotany of ancient Italy.

Lisa Maher (Associate Professor): micromorphology, Epipaleolithic of Near East and North Africa.

Ruth Tringham (Professor Emerita): household archaeology, Neolithic of Balkans and Anatolia.

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Walter Alvarez (Professor Emeritus): geoarchaeology, geology of Italy.

Department of History

Carlos NoreƱa (Associate Professor): Roman empire, the emperor, urbanism.

Susanna Elm (Professor): Late imperial period, Roman North Africa.

Emily Mackil (Associate Professor): ancient Greece, political, social, and economic history.

Department of History of Art

Whitney Davis (Professor): ancient art, art theory.

Diliana Angelova (Associate Professor): Early Christian and Byzantine Art.

Lisa Pieraccini (Visiting Associate Professor): Etruscan art and archaeology, wall painting.

Andrew Stewart (Professor Emeritus): ancient Greek art and archaeology.

Department of Near Eastern Studies

Rita Lucarelli (Associate Professor): Egyptian art and archaeology; digital applications in object imaging.

Benjamin Porter (Associate Professor): environmental archaeology, imperial systems, Iron Age of Near East.

Carol Redmount (Associate Professor): archaeological ceramics, Egyptian archaeology.