Summer 2022

228 Dwinelle
Jesse Obert

Study of the major developments, achievements, and contradictions in Greek culture from the Bronze Age to the 4th century BCE. Key works of literature, history, and philosophy (read in English translation) will be examined in their political and social context, and in relation both to other ancient Mediterranean cultures and to subsequent developments in Western civilization.

223 Dwinelle
Zhengyuan Zhang

Investigation of the main achievements and tensions in Roman culture from Romulus to the High Empire. Key sources for literature, history, and material culture are studied in order to reveal Roman civilization in its political and social context. All materials are read in English.

183 Dwinelle
Marissa Henry

The society, culture, values and outlook on life of the ancient Greeks as expressed in their mythology; their views on life, birth, marriage, death, sex and sexuality; on culture and civilization, the origin and meaning of the world. Their use of myth to think about, and give order to human experience. The course includes some of the most important works of Western literature in English translation (the 'Odyssey', the 'Theogony'), twelve plays by leading Greek dramatists (Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides), along with their historical and religious context, as well as drawing on material evidence (vase paintings, sculpture, archaeological sites).

109 Dwinelle
David Youd

Since its founding over forty years ago, the Intensive Greek Workshop has successfully guided thousands of students to proficiency in Ancient Greek.  The Workshop will be offered remotely once again in Summer 2022.  Complete information here; program overview here.  10 units; CCN 13385.

209 Dwinelle
Dan Squire

A complete, 10-week intensive Latin course for students with no prior Latin experience, replacing more than two semesters of elementary and intermediate Latin.  Full details here; program overview here.  10 units. CCN 13386.

No Graduate Courses