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Classics 200 :  Proseminar
308C Doe Library
Donald Mastronarde
9:30 - 11:00

The aim of the proseminar is to provide experience of the tools of advanced research in classical texts and to give the student a basic understanding of the sources, materials, and techniques related to the documentary evidence that underlies a great proportion of classical scholarship. Topics include: local and remote library collections, catalogues, bibliographic tools, reference materials; a history of Greek and Latin writing, books, and textual transmission, including the study of inscriptions and papyri and Greek and Latin palaeography; history of scholarship; an introduction to recension and editorial technique. Guest lecturers present some of the topics. Required work will include exercises of various kinds (e.g., bibliography, transcription, and collation), short oral presentation(s), and a written research paper on an appropriate topic. Grade will be based on participation, the exercises, and the paper.