Trojans and Italians fighting
Latin 119 :  Latin Epic
Course Catalog No: 31320
Latimer 102
Prof. Kathleen McCarthy

In this course we will read in Latin extensive selections from the second half of the Aeneid. These books focus on the battlefield and its sorrows, while also insistently pointing forward to the complex new community that will arise from these struggles. We will explore a full range of issues related to these books, but highlight three in particular: 1) how does ethnic identity operate in this world, what meaning does it have, is it based on biological descent or on culture? 2) how are the roles individuals play in this foundation story gendered and what can those patterns tell us about the community that is being created? 3) how is human and divine agency understood within the broad historical and cosmological sweep of this story? The focus will be on reading the Latin text, but we will also read and discuss modern scholarship. There will be two short writing assignments (less than 5 pp.), and a longer paper (8-10pp) near the end of the semester, plus regular quizzes, a midterm, and a final exam. NB: This course will be taught as a room-share with Latin 101; although the two classes will usually meet together, each class will have its own appropriate assignments and assessments.