AGRS 130C :  Ancient Greek Political Thought
Course Catalog No: 31335
Dwinelle 228
G. R. F. (John) Ferrari

In this course we will investigate the political thought of ancient Greece by discussing some of its most important and influential texts. Principal works to be read in translation will be Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War (selections); Plato, Republic (entire); and Aristotle, Politics (entire).

Requirements: regular participation in class (including groupwork and debates); one midterm; final exam. Note: Course cannot be taken Pass/Fail. Fulfils L&S breadth requirement in Philosophy and Values or Historical Studies.

The course has no formal prerequisites, although it would be an asset to have completed an introductory course in Greek culture such as AGRS 10A or AGRS R44 or an introductory course in Greek philosophy such as AGRS 36 or Philosophy 25A.