Orpheus mosaic
Latin 102 :  Catullus & Horace
Course Catalog No: 30264
Dwinelle 250
Ellen Oliensis
3:30 - 5:00

At once a Latin class and a poetry class, Latin 102 has a double aim:  to help students make the transition from translating Latin to reading it, and to provide an introduction to two of the most influential and engaging texts of antiquity—the shorter poems of Catullus and the Odes of Horace. In class, we will focus on close reading of a relatively small number of poems, paying attention to what gets “lost in translation” (meter, word order, diction) as well as more readily translatable features such as figuration, rhetoric, and genre. Selected readings in the critical and poetic reception of this work will contextualize and help direct class discussion.  Requirements include preparation of ca. 90-130 lines of Latin each week, two essays (4-6pp.), midterm exam, and final exam.