MS of Hellenica
Greek 100 :  Plato and Attic Prose
Course Catalog No: 21770
Dwinelle 206
Dylan Sailor

This course is an introduction to the language of Attic Greek prose literature. It is typically the first ancient Greek course taken after completion of the introductory year. We will spend most of our time translating and discussing the grammar of works of prose, beginning with Xenophon's Anabasis and proceeding to Plato's Apology. Although there are interesting historical, literary, and philosophical issues surrounding these works, we will be devoting nearly all of our attention to improving our command of the ancient Greek language. In addition to our reading, we will conduct a review of ancient Greek morphology and syntax and regularly do a number of short, basic English-to-ancient Greek exercises keyed to the reading and to the syntax review. Students should have completed a year's worth of introductory ancient Greek (i.e., Greek 1&2 or Greek 15 or their equivalent) before enrolling in this course.