greek 100 f22
Greek 100 :  Plato and Attic Prose
Course Catalog No: 21538
308C Doe Library
G.R.F (John) Ferrari

In this course we will read two texts in the original Ancient Greek (NOT in translation!): first, Lysias' courtroom speech “On the murder of Eratosthenes,” followed by Plato's "Crito."  While the course is primarily directed towards improving your knowledge of Greek, it will include consideration of our texts as intellectual and artistic achievements, and for the light they shed on Athenian culture. 

Prerequisites:  Knowledge of Ancient Greek, with at least one year of course experience in the language (either Greek 1 and Greek 2, or Greek 10, or Greek 15, or the equivalents taken elsewhere)

Requirements:  Regular quizzes on grammar in class; 1 midterm exam; 4 page term paper; final exam.